Hardworkers :
We work hard to keep

Daddy donkey

rocking and rolling the

best burritos in London

Enthusiastic :
We always have cool ideas and amazing projects to keep


on the road to the ultimate burrito supremacy.
Healthy :


are packed full of healthy ingredients and we never had nasty stuff because.. it's nasty.
Quality :
When it comes to ingredients and recipes we only want the best and we believe it shows in our

burrito deliciosos

Fresh :

Our food

is prepared fresh everyday with ingredients delivered straight from the market.
Kick-Ass :

Burrito power forever !

Passionate :
We love


and its food and we love bringing it to you everyday !
Loving :
We love


and fixie bikes an old school music and margaritas and la playa.
Tasty :
Because we want your taste buds to remember

who's the daddy

Fun :
If you're going to do something everyday you might as well make it fun. So we sing. Loudly. And we dance. Badly.
Honesty :
We have nothing to hide: yo could show up to our kitchen anytime and the only thing we might be ashamed of is our singing.
Devoted :
We'll always try our best to make you happy because at the end of the day we owe it all to you. And to